6 Things We Unconsciously Allow that Blur Our Direction

Why we forget our dreams or get distracted from them

We allow ourselves to lose hope.

We allow ourselves to not know what to hope for.

We allow ourselves to not know who we really are and what our worth is.

We allow ourselves to be stuck in indecision.

We allow ourselves to have too much on our plates.

We allow ourselves to feel disconnected.

Despite all our commitments, we still don’t feel included. We still feel alone. We find it hard to trust and be trusted.

Despite all our responsibilities, we still don’t truly care or we don’t exactly care. We still do things that have zero meaning to us or give us no fulfillment.

Despite knowing what we want, we avoid making a choice or having to choose.

Despite drowning, we refuse to accept kindness. We refuse to be helped.

Despite the chances that are presented to us, we choose not to look forward anymore.

It was not part of the PLAN, but it’s all part of the JOURNEY.

Living right here and right now.

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