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Living right here and right now.

A letter of gratitude and appreciation

Finally, I am home.

Dearest 2020,

We are not pawns to our environments and circumstances, but influencers of it.

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Thoughts on graduating in the middle of a pandemic

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A reminder of what you may be forgetting right now

Why do we need other people?

Lessons on overestimating my capacity, and overcoming regrets

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May our YESes be full of intent, awareness, and accountability, and serve as leverage to fulfilling our potential.

If you have a dream, be intent, and follow-through.

Like a child experiencing fall for the first time

How many of us achieve what’s on our bucket list?

How many of us take it seriously and not leave it as mere wishful thinking?

How many of us believe that we could make them happen?

In movement and stillness, you are growing.

On the journey of accepting kindness from ourselves for ourselves

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Somewhere between a friend and a great creator of art

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An approach to keep ourselves in check

How do we know when to keep going?

How do we know when to stop?

How do we know if this is worth it? Or if it will be worth it?

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